A human centric brand and website for Den

    The Brief

    With Den we led the brand strategy, design direction, front and back end development of the online experience. Den was built around creating human-centric products which care for the environment and personal economy. Their range of home automation switches has been crafted through global responsibility and aims to improve the lives of everyone who uses them.


    We built the Den brand to be versatile enough for future evolution of the company whilst still being recognisable as a future facing brand. As Den grows and moves into new technologies in the home, the structure of the brand we set in place will allow for this.

    Our Approach

    We wanted to take Den on a journey which would disrupt the home automation industry. It was important to ensure a bright company like Den would be heard above the big hitters in the industry.


    Bold, striking visuals and a minimalist approach, to both the brand and website, was key to getting their ideas across in an easy to understand manner. We also felt the tone of voice for the brand needed to match the energetic and enthusiastic personality of the founder.

    Den Logo Blue
    Den Logo Slate
    Den Logo Grey

    Website Technology

    We built the website on WordPress, an open source content management system. Den needed the power to update and keep the website fresh – so WordPress was the obvious choice. We also ensured that the experience was consistent on mobile, tablet and desktop.

    Building the pathway

    Considering the user pathway through the site is a vital aspect of every project. We wanted to make sure the Den website told the story of the brand and their purpose – from their environmentally friendly ideals to their striking product visuals, everything needed to have its place.


    We wanted to keep the site refreshingly simple, clean and modern. We chose a colour palette which complemented the Den branding with accents to add personality.

    Den Products Full Web Visuals
    Den Full Website Visuals

    Building assets

    We built assets to supplement the new branding, these included product shots, social media content, email campaigns and investor documents. Each played a role in defining the style of the brand, it’s tone of voice. It set a clear standard for how communication from the brand should be made.

    Den Switch Product Design
    Den Remote Product Design
    Den Switch Product Design

    Making the brand fun

    At it’s heart Den is a brand which is playful and connected with humans and nature. We created lots of assets, animations and imagery to help support the personality of the brand. It was important for people to see Den as an approachable company, not a stuffy technology brand.


    “The team at Falcon have been a pleasure to work with. They show a real care for the work they produce.”

    — Yasser Khattak, Den

    Scope of Work

    — Brand Strategy
    — Visual Identity & Assets
    — Collateral
    — Marketing Materials
    — Tone of Voice
    User Interface
    — User Flow Mapping
    — Content Strategy & Production
    — Wireframing & Prototyping
    — Visual Design
    — Responsive Design
    — Development Consulting
    — Front-end Development
    — WordPress Integration
    — Support & Maintenance

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