Rebranding MyHome

    New identity and collateral for MyHome

    The Brief

    MyHome approached us as LHS Direct, a home protection and electrical engineering firm. They told us about their past branding issues and that they would like to move the company into the 21st century, with a new name and more approachable personality.

    Our Approach

    We had to approach the home security industry carefully. The usual clients within the sector tended to be more vulnerable or elderly. We needed a brand that communicated MyHome’s sincere desire to help people and their approachable personality. We started by examining the competition in the field and it was, strangely, quite sparse of quality design. We saw this as an excellent opportunity to pave the way and beginning setting the standard.


    We explored a number of different directions for the new brand. Below are some of the ideas which didn’t quite make the cut.

    MyHome Brand Design Explorations

    Refining the idea

    With the strongest ideas chosen to move forward with, we spent the next stage refining and polishing the concept through typographic tailoring and tweaking the visual. This process helped us determine the strongest and most viable option to take into the big, wide world.

    MyHome Branding Refinements

    Expanding the brand

    As part of the re-positioning and rebrand, MyHome was looking to expand into more refined areas of work. We considered the best approach to fleshing out the brand through use of sub-brands. We created bespoke iconography to fit with the design language of the new brand and coupled them with complementary colour palettes.

    MyHome Subbrand design

    Scope of Work

    — Competitor Analysis
    — Brand Design
    — Brand Strategy
    — Collateral
    — Print Design
    — Print Management
    — Iconography

    “Falcon delivered an exceptional product and service under extremely tight deadlines. Other agencies that we considered were more expensive and less able to meet our expectations that the Falcon team.”

    — Yasser Khattak, Den

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