Scribble Pen on iPad

    User experience design for Scribble Pen

    The Brief

    We met the guys at Scribble pen over at our Dribbble page. They loved the work we were doing and got in touch with us to design the experience for their new product. Scribble Pen.


    The brief was simple: make the website as exciting as the product itself, so the guys could generate as many pre-orders as possible.

    Our Approach

    The product was revolutionary, a pen that uses an RGB scanner and mixes ink on the fly to draw in any colour you can think of! We knew that the pre-order site had to offer up all the fantastic uses and ideas for the product, to show off the ingenuity.


    We used large product imagery and photos that spilled off the page to create a truly encapsulating experience. It was important the design communicated a high level of technological prowess, that fit the brand and the product.

    Scribble Pen

    Information design

    There was a lot of information to get across in the website. We had to carefully consider how the information was designed and laid out. We needed to balance fact sheets and product information with beautiful imagery, in order to inform and entice.


    We used a simple design language which put emphasis on large imagery, overflowing across sections and the page constraints.

    Scribble Full Web Design

    Expanding the site

    We wanted to expand the style and design language across the rest of the website. We put together a bespoke shopping cart experience and a ‘refer a friend’ system – which was custom built for Scribble Pen’s needs.

    Scribble Webpage Designs


    Everything we design, or develop, we have to consider the mobile audience. As a rule of thumb we always create responsive visuals in order to ensure the mobile experience is as immersive and intuitive as the desktop experience.

    Designing behind the scenes

    As part of the project the Scribble team wanted us to explore options for an order tracking system. We put together a few concepts and we agreed on the best direction. In order to help the guys visualise how the system would transition between each stage, we provided some basic animations and transitions.


    Doing it this way allowed the team to understand our vision a little more clearly, everyone was really happy with the result.

    Scope of Work

    — User Stories
    — Red Routes
    — User Interface Design
    — User Experience
    — Digital Design
    — Transition Design
    — Photo manipulation
    — Collateral
    — Mail Campaign Design

    “ Working with Falcon was a delightful experience, they have earned the unfailing respect and trust of my team because of their uncompromising standards and commitment to quality.”

    — Ral Ozoemenam, Scribble Pen

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