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    Branding is your business, it’s the visual interpretation of your company. We have a comprehensive brand design process in which you’re closely involved, to help refine and tell your brand story. We craft and deliver bold, clean and visually striking brands and logos. Let us walk you through our process which delivers bespoke visual systems which work across many mediums, from print to digital.

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    “The advice and guidance I received throughout the whole project has been spot-on and super-efficient too; they totally encouraged me to think outside of the box.”

    — Anna Fraser, Zeit My Geist

    So what happens with a rebrand?


    Rebranding can be a stressful and daunting experience. However it can also be an exciting and successful journey. We prefer the latter.

    Funshops, not workshops

    The methodology of our work comes from the people that we work with. We spend lots of time with your staff in ‘workshops’ allowing us to gain an insight into how they perceive the company, how they want it to be perceived and most importantly their goals and how they want the brand to grow.

    Who's stealing your thunder

    Competitor analysis is a crucial part of a rebrand. There’s no point in designing a brand that isn’t unique or that doesn’t compete. We look at opposition brands and their presence. We try and learn from their mistakes and look for opportunities they’ve missed.

    Harder, better, faster. Stronger.

    A SWOT analysis provides a realistic and measurable evaluation of the current identity and brand material. It provides a base for us to design and develop new brands and platforms. However it’s important to repeat this process when the new identity is formed.

    Bring forth thy personality

    Tone of voice gives a brand its purpose, it provides an anchor for its personality and it ensures the effectiveness of all forms of brand communication. We work with copywriting agencies to help identify a tone of voice that ditches jargon and speaks directly to your audience.

    Testing, testing... Is this thing on?

    We test the waters with our ideas, we seek opinions internally and externally to gauge reactions and the e ectiveness of our work. We believe in getting feedback on a variety of elements, from a variety of people; sta , general public and other designers. All of this helps to ensure a rocksteady, likeable visual identity.

    3.. 2.. 1.. Ready for liftoff

    Rebrands are exciting times for companies. You’ve gured out where you want to be heading, you’ve got all the visuals and communication down and it’s time to start getting it out there into the big wide world. We work with marketing and events agencies to organise shindigs or campaigns that help publicise your rebrand and to set the wheels in motion for your future development.

    Straight forward communication

    As with all our clients, both international and domestic, we employ a very straight forward approach to communication and accountability throughout the project. We utilise the project management system called ‘Basecamp’ to keep track of work, timelines and communication.

    Are you ready for the next stage

    The first step is to talk to us about your branding project. We love talking to people about their business’.