All Discovery Starts From “I Don’t Know” – Why We Could All Be More Like Kyle

Kyle On A Bridge

The other day I was scrolling through our Facebook feed and one of my favourite accounts Great Big Story  posted yet another amazing triumph (definitely worth a like if you’re into motivational, inspiring and get up and go short docs).

In summary (spoiler alert) They covered the story of Kyle Maynard, a guy who was born with congenital amputation. Kyle is a pretty impressive guy with a can do attitude and has accomplished a multitude of achievements that an abled bodied person would be proud of.

 Kyle Maynard on a Mountain - Discovery

During this video Kyle briefly touched on a topic that intrigued me when he stated “all discovery starts from I don’t know”.

When you think about the origin of this statement and what it means, it is rather true and inspiring. You’re probably thinking what has this got to do with Falcon or a creative agency… Well, let me add some context so we can all relate.

How to welcome Discovery.

Think about every time you haven’t done something because you couldn’t be bothered, you didn’t see the benefit or you simply had better things to do. Having this mindset can be detrimental to an individual because it means we aren’t willing to discover anything new. A lot of people say no, which later translates into “what if” sometimes you just need to say yes and now you’ve opened up the possibility of discovery, exciting!

This year my New Years resolution was to reach out and agree to meet more people. This has so far conveyed into a number of exciting opportunities, deals and friendships; all of which would have never presented themselves if I wasn’t open to discovery. If you don’t know what the benefits of doing something or meeting someone brings then the only way to find out is by actually doing it. See what I am getting at here…

As the Account Director of a creative design agency I am going to introduce this practice into our sales strategy as I believe it is an integral part of our organic business growth.

If you’re reading this and later down the line to receive a message or phone call from someone at Falcon, please take into consideration the nature of our communication, an opportunity to discover. You never know, it might lead to an I don’t know moment.

Here’s the link, enjoy!

Kyle Maynard – No Limbs Needed for This Badass Mountaineer

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