A fresh new look for Falcon

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen our new website. It was in dire need of some TLC, but it’s here now in all its digital glory.

A Digital Agency

When looking at other agency websites, they always list themselves as a digital agency but we rarely feel that their website reflects this. We wanted to break this mould by showing our true digital prowess and the type of work that we can do for our clients.

Our website integrates a lot of new technologies and features that we’ve been building into our recent sites. Features like AJAX Page Loading, its not a particularly new thing to integrate, but essentially what it does is refresh only the content on the page that’s changed. Therefore shortening load times, and also allowing us create smooth transitions between pages.

Putting Our Clients At The Forefront

Part of the reason we have brought Ryan, our new Account Director on board is to nurture existing relationships, whilst building on new ones. This allows us to concentrate on the work at hand whilst attaining a consistent level of feedback from our clients corresponded through Ryan. The agency mantra is very much focused on partnerships and collaboration, after all, without our clients we wouldn’t be where we are today and from experience it always makes for a more harmonious and successful end result. Hundreds of hours go into our digital projects and we believe our work reflects just that — check out our work page.

Reducing Clutter

One thing you’ll notice about our website (and our work for that matter) is that there’s lots of white space and everything has a purpose. When working for a simple outcome, the process is usually anything but. We strip out as much as we can, so that what we’re left with has a clearly defined reason for being there. This of course enhances user experience and makes for better conversion, whether your currency is an enquiry or sale.

As you can probably tell we’re proud of the end result, but more importantly we would love to hear your thoughts.


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