Introducing the Falcon Account Director

Ryan Howell Profile

Meet our new Account Director, a marketing pro originally from Hertfordshire. Ryan’s experience is in both the digital and traditional marketplace, Ryan’s ability to solve problems creatively and work intelligently towards goals big or small make him the perfect addition to the Falcon team. We believe he brings a wealth of experience, ideation and potential. He’s an approachable, intelligent and sociable marketer. if you fancy meeting him pick up the phone and I am sure he will oblige.

The Day-to-day

As Account Director my role will entail the smooth progression of the Falcon offering to new and existing clients’ within the creative digital design and brand communication space. This will mostly involve attending client meetings and pitching to win new business to ensure we are expanding the Falcon portfolio and really getting our work out there.

Your motivation?

Family, friends, success and change.

What’s on Spotify?

Love Man – Otis Redding or Neighbours – J Cole

Greatest sporting achievement?

Bar winning the 100m sprint and long jump consecutively in years 9-10 I wasn’t too shabby with a football, having played for a few professional clubs before I wised up and discovered the medicinal properties of lager and peanuts.

Party trick?

I can move my chin without moving my jaw… If you try and succeed, please get in touch as we’re probably related.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, unless I am with Nan, then it’s tea.

Where have you been?

Recent endeavours have seen me run my on creative solutions agency, work as an email and digital marketing professional, more recently I worked at Exterion Media, an out-of-home giant that specialises in bus and rail advertising, best known for their exclusive London Underground and Overground contract with Transport For London.

Why Falcon?

Having worked with the guys on numerous occasions I saw an opportunity to work for a company that really has established it’s own identity and in doing so creating some amazing work along the way, we have all the tools to provide brands, companies and organisations with ideas, branding, web design and innovative market solutions. I am confident our team can cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am concentrating on younger markets such as; Gen Z and Gen X I’m trying to understand their consumption patterns and the best way to communicate with them via new media channels.

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