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What is the Kent Marketing Community?

Falcon has launched the Kent Marketing Community, an online group hosted on the business networking site, LinkedIn. Its purpose is to network, share, educate and extract the knowledge of those in the marketing profession, specifically in the Kent region. There aren’t any entry requirements, this channel is for all those interested in expanding their existing marketing knowledge. Whether you’re an assistant learning your craft, a social media growth hacker or a well established marketing and media guru; all constructive input is welcome.

The group will frequently be updated with the latest and greatest trends, and marketing best practice. It’s the perfect opportunity to find out what local businesses in the Kent region are doing to promote their products and services. Real case studies will be provided and deciphered to identify what works and what doesn’t.

What to expect

There are many different ways you can market your business. For the purpose of keeping this article nice and concise we have broken it down into the all encompassing areas; these are:

Marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, brand communication, market research, media, social media, content marketing, digital and technology.

Want more now? CultBranding do a great job of covering more than 50 different strategies in their article – 52 types of Marketing Strategies

How you can get involved

Falcon will be covering an array of topics that educate and open discussion for marketing strategies and endeavours at a local and national level. The community will be a great medium for all those in the profession to share real marketing experiences, voice their opinions and share the wealth of valuable insight. Naturally Falcon will chip in with the majority of the content to provide value. However, advocate the importance of contributions into the community network also. There are no constraints to what can be written/covered, however it must add value to the community’s audience.

Getting involved is simple. Head over to LinkedIn and join the Kent Marketing Community.  Get involved, ask questions and contribute.

Why you should get involved

Ultimately, the aim is to provide a fruitful resource that is relevant to your business and local market.

The community is the perfect place to learn what businesses are doing to marketing their brands. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and perhaps integrate your learnings into your existing marketing strategy. The marketing and advertising industry continues to change faster than ever. The continued evolution of consumers and trends make it near on impossible to keep up to date. That’s where the community comes in and covers topics you don’t necessarily know a lot about.

Falcon aim to attract some of the most impressive marketing professionals in the region and encourage them to contribute. Therefore, If you want to know what works, how it works and why it works then start joining.

We hope to see you there soon!


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