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Brring is an innovative start up, pioneering the conference calling space to make collaboration more simple.

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The Brief

Brring is an innovative young start up aiming to pioneer the conference calling space by making conference calls simpler.

The website needed to clearly demonstrate the benefits that Brring offers, and how they’re different from the competition. The brief was  open ended and allowed us the creative freedom to explore different designs and create a website that best reflected the business.

The only key requirement was that it should stand out from the crowd and look  completely different from other  current conference calling sites – in other words, it should set a new trend.


We start off every web project with high fidelity wireframes that aren’t just boxes on a page. This helps us convey to the client our vision of their website.

Brring is all about  simplicity and  this needed to be reflected in the website with large screen shots of the apps to show how easy it is to use.


Brring Wireframe

Visualising the Wireframes

After agreeing the wireframes we dived into visualising the site with colour and assets such as app screens and photos. Keeping in line with the Brring brand we utilised the bubbles from the logo as background delights. This helped inject colour into the site without using traditional background section colours.

The result is an engaging and interactive website  with a seamless transition between sections.

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“Falcon has been an asset to our company from the get go, delivering high value work every single time. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

— Leon Roy, BoxPeg CEO

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With all our sites we aim to add unique features in development to make the user experience more enjoyable, and just a little different.

We added AJAX page loading, so each time the user goes to another page on the site, it loads dynamically rather than showing a harsh white  screen. We used this to our advantage to add animations such as the iPhone’s sliding into view when you visit the product page. The bubbles in the background also adapt to the page to highlight content.

Brring’s API was also integrated so that the pricing on the site is always up to date.


Soon after launching the Brring site it received an Honourable Mention from Awwwards, a Special Kudos from CSS Design Awards, and was CSS Winner’s Site of the Day.

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Scope of work

User Interface

  • User Flow Mapping
  • Content Strategy & Production
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Design


  • Development Consulting
  • Front-end Development
  • WordPress Integration
  • Support & Maintenance
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