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Project Tracker

Project Tracker was a tool commissioned by Absolute Creative Print. Their goal was to develop a simple tool for tracking the status of their current live print projects.

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Absolute Creative Print were fed up with¬†searching for an off the shelf tracking tool which would help them manage workflow and keep on top of the print projects they had. Other options on the market either catered for much larger operations or didn’t have the specific functionality they required thus rendering them useless for their needs.

Falcon was approached to design and build a bespoke, multi-user tracking tool for use within the studios at ACP. It needed to be agile enough to handle a large number of projects and perform a number of basic tasks.


We ran discovery on the project for 2 weeks, allowing us to scope out the other options available, the technology that would work for the project and to get to grips with the type of data we would be working with.

As a result of the discovery stage we deemed a PHP, web based application to be the perfect choice for this product. PHP was nimble and powerful enough to work with the data we would be providing, whilst the web based aspect meant the service was always online and available from anywhere.


We experimented with a number of designs, with particular focus on the user route through the application. It’s important to consider what functionality needs to be readily available and what can take more of a back seat. For Project Tracker being able to add new projects on the fly and edit them all from one place in the app was vital.

Project Tracker Designs


Following on from our explorations at the design stage, we ensured user functionality and experience was intelligent and allowed for the swiftest work flow. We made it super easy to add new projects and edit existing ones, all from the comfort of one screen.

Project Tracker Functionality
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Scope of work


  • User Flow
  • Experience
  • Interface
  • Red Routes


  • User Interface Design
  • Multi-user Experience Design
  • Transitions and Interactions


  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • Database construction
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