SignalBoosters is the leading cellular range extenders in the US. Our task was to create a seamless buying experience.

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The Brief

Signal Boosters is the sister company of Wilson Amplifiers, the leading US seller of cellular range extenders. Andrew their VP on marketing had already had the website for Signal Boosters in place, however the conversions were lower than expected. Our job was to take the design and turn it into a driver of sales.

The original Signal Boosters logo was a mix of orange and blue, we tightened up the logo by keeping the blue as the only accent colour and leaving the rest neutral. This set the precedent for the rest of the site.

Solving The Customers Problem

When someone hits the Signal Boosters site they’re more than likely to be experiencing signal issues – this is their problem.

Our next task was to solve this problem, if we can satisfy the customers need they are much more likely to make a purchase. Currently the site was simply acting as an online shop and the customer was having to do the leg work to work out which product they required.

We developed a simple, yet intuitive walkthrough process that helps the visitor find the product that fits their need, and then takes them to a filtered list of products for them to then make the final decision.

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Immersive Heros

Creating powerful call-to-actions on a website’s homepage is incredibly important. We also had to ensure that the style that we used was a fine balance between the Signal Boosters brand and the brand of the product that was being up-sold.

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Lifestyle Centric Heros

We explored a lifestyle approach style, focussing on how the resulting signal from a booster could be used. Two examples were developed one focussing on a couple using the phone for a selfie, the other a business woman on her phone for work.

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A Strong Design Language

Each page flows from one to another, every part of the site looks like it has a place and is meant to be there. Keeping the accent blue throughout the site allows the site to remain consistent whilst the content is continually changing.

We ultimately distilled things to its simplest form establishing a design language that withstood all forms of content requirements.

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“Once the product pages were launched we saw over 20% lift in revenue in conjunction with lifts in engagement, time on pages and reduced bounce rates. Couldn’t recommend [Falcon] highly enough.”

— Andrew Hansen, VP of Marketing

PPC Landing Pages

Signal Boosters utilise Pay-Per-Click advertising to drive people to the website. We needed to let them know that they were in the right place and that the information matched up with the keywords that they had searched for.

Mini landing pages were designed for this purpose mainly directing them to the relevant section on the site, whilst also showing reviews and brand logos to instil trust.

SignalBoosters PPC

Scope of work


  • Visual Identity
  • User Flow Mapping
  • Visual Design
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
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