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A brand is more than simply a logo, it is a complete system used to communicate to your audience who you are and things that you do. People interact with brands in a multitude of different ways, across digital and traditional mediums. We can help you create and tailor those experiences.
Will Branding Board

Developing an identity

Our branding process is focussed around understanding your company and your people. It's a super straightforward exercise which we've refined through our experience and expertise. We cut out all the distractions and get to the heart of your personality, developing a brand or set of brand systems which perfectly reflects who you are.

How a brand project works

Undertaking a branding project, or a rebrand, is a big commitment and it can even be quite daunting. We like to think our brand design process is straight forward and a joy to manage. There's no long corporate workshops or boring questionnaires that barely scratch the surface. Instead we focus on conversation, usually over a coffee or a beer.

Stage 1 Discovery


Discovery is the single most important stage of the process. It is where we learn about your company culture, what your goals are and your competitors.

Stage 2 Response


We use the research and feedback from the discovery to help mould and influence our responses. You are provided with different options, all taking a slightly different route to your end goal.

Stage 3 Refine


From the rough outlines of the responses we develop a refined concept. We gather further feedback to help shape the concept, injecting some colour and subtle delightful features along the way.

Stage 4 Systems


Your brand is strongest when supported by the right forms of collateral. We explore ways to extend your brand and the personality it encapsulates, through bespoke iconography, tone of voice and photography.

Stage 5 Exectue


We'll help you roll out the brand across different mediums and platforms. We'll help you maximise audience interaction and awareness, through offline and online campaigns.

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