Print Design

We’re extremely well versed when it comes to print design, printing techniques and finishing, so you’ll always be in safe hands.
Swadelands Print Design Prospectus

We’re pretty serious when it comes to consistency and we just love print.

We build brand systems that help to effectively and comprehensively communicate your brand across all sorts of printed collateral.

Thinking about a print project?

We offer a comprehensive print design service. We're with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best result, whether it be a 100 page annual report or a simple flyer.

Stage 1 Guiding Project

Guiding the project

We will meet with you to discuss everything that’s important. From form factor, pages and weight of the paper to managing the photographer, number of prints required and any special printing techniques required.

Stage 2 Initial Concepts

Initial Concepts

Initial ideas and opinions are discussed and different perspectives and approaches are put forward to achieve your goals for the project.

Stage 3 Photography

Directing photography

Handling photographers and knowing the shots that are needed can sometimes be a difficult task. We take care of everything to ensure the photography matches the art style and all the necessary shots are taken.

Stage 4 Designing For Print

Designing for Print

We know the ins-and-outs of designing for print, the pitfalls which can be made and how to avoid them. Your project is in super safe hands with us.

Stage 5 Finishing Techniques

Finishing Techniques

The beauty of print is it’s tangibility, how it feels in your hands. Our experience in working with special papers, coating techniques and extra special foiling will ensure your project looks and feels fantastic.

Stage 6 Getting It Printed

Getting it Printed

Our network of print houses allows us to find the perfect people for your project. Whether it’s a quick print for a rush job or exquisite finishing techniques for a formal, company document, we have you covered. We will even manage the artwork provision and delivery.

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