5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Consider Traditional Advertising in 2017

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Why traditional advertising should be considered a must, not a maybe. Modern day marketing managers and brands are presented with a number of opportunities to communicate with their preferred target audiences. Some mediums  better communicate with certain audiences, granted, however; we’re going to give 5 reasons why your business should adopt traditional advertising, if you aren’t already.

Broadcast Your Message, It’s a Numbers Game

Broadcast media has been around for years and is branded as the traditional model of advertising to increase customer acquisition. Why? Because it’s a numbers game and the more potential customers you can get in front of, the better. Many have forgotten the fruitful powers of traditional advertising as they turn to more conventional consumer centric practices, these methods are usually referred too as Narrowcasting or Below The Line marketing. Target Marketing give a great explanation to how broadcast and narrowcast differ in their article Customer Value: Narrowcasting vs. Broadcasting.  Ultimately there are a number of variables you need to take into consideration when planning who you’re going to target and how you are going to target them. One thing is for sure though, you must acknowledge the numbers game.

Traditional Advertising “It’s Always On”

You need to consider saturation in digital. Although digital is a wonderful tool with unlimited powers it currently faces a number of issues when trying to grab consumer attention. Imagine scrolling through your Facebook feed, favourite blog or Instagram timeline, you can almost guarantee you will be faced with more than 10 adverts in the space of 60 seconds, is this true engagement? Is there any wonder to why people are choosing to block more ads than ever? This article by Business Insider will give you the ins and outs of the digital advertising economy and why more people are choosing to block ads.

Fortunately for traditional ads they are far more difficult to block. (Unless you find a large amount of trampoline to cover a billboard or close your eyes whilst commuting to work; something we do not advocate).

Below is a great graph by PageFair, which illustrates consumers motivation to block Ads.

Pie Chat explaining why people Adblock

A Welcomed Form of Advertising

A  study by Marketing Week found that traditional ads are “more welcomed” than new media ads. Traditional adverts: Bus, Tube and Magazine advertisements were liked the most, results varying between 25%-46% of consumers welcoming the advertisement. Whilst Web, Social and App ads are liked far less with between 3%-6% welcome feedback. Welcomed advertising resonates with consumers consumption and more often than not makes for a better brand experience.

Traditional Advertising Commuters on the London Underground

 Become Locally Famous

The data and insight experts, Nielsen recently released a report. The report stated that traditional methods of advertising credibility had hit an all time low, however; they also stated recommendation from a friend (referral marketing) continues to be the most credible source and the main factor when entering a buying situation.

The Out Of Home Marketing Body, Outsmart found that ” 92% of shoppers were exposed to an outdoor advert 30 minutes before purchasing”. Thus contradicting Nielsens observation, OOH has been and continues to be a catalyst for conversion, especially when you take into consideration the consumers ability to gain instant access to almost anything via the web or high street.

Frequency and Reactivation

For many local businesses it is difficult to differentiate from the competition. This is because the internet has driven consumer power by offering a magnitude of promotions, content and choice; with all these options it’s easy to become overwhelmed and replicate your competitors endeavours, we believe this makes for a boring marketplace.

Locally, businesses need to adopt traditional mediums in order to gain brand credibility and increase frequency efforts amongst audiences. The “Forecasted ad spend in 2017” by Katapult will give you an idea on where local and national businesses are spending their marketing budgets in the UK. As you can see Out Of Home and Radio continue to rise. The reason being that it offers brands an opportunity to up their frequency and make a real impression on their target market. Beyond this, the opportunity to regurgitate the marketing material via social media and content marketing campaigns is endless.

What to consider

These are just a few reasons why businesses local shouldn’t discard traditional advertising methods. All in all we believe a mixture eludes any risk of not catching your target audiences attention/eye. Granted, digital continues to grow, it’s powers and innovation never fail to provide us with clever ways to reach our consumers, however you cannot deny the power of traditional mediums. There’s a reason the brands you see on the high street continue to dominate their chosen markets.

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